AI Shading is the best window covering choice for your project. Contact us to discuss your project needs.

Seamless Integration

Wireless shading that can be installed at any stage of project, integrate with any smart building platforms

Self Control & Customizable

Self controlled shading that gives you peace of mind ; Customizable room and window grouping and more.

Energy Saving & Comfort

AI Shading is trained to operate window covering that maximize energy efficiency, and let occupants feel comfortable and relaxed.

Certification Credits

AI Shading will help your project gain credits and achieved target certifications.

Building Overheating

Is your building orientation causing an overheating issue?

By using AI Shading, solar heat gain is regulated intelligently

Window to wall ratio

Does your project's energy modeling limit the window sizes?

By using AI Shading, feel free to put large windows;

get the benefit of abundance natural sunlight and open view;

AI Shading will take care of the energy efficiency.