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AI Shading is a Canadian Smart & Green Technology company that provides economical solutions to help commercial buildings reach their emission reduction target by regulating indoor temperatures through a combination of smart indoor shades, sensors, mobile apps, and energy management platforms. AI Shading equips building managers with energy-saving reports to better analyze energy usage and track emission reduction goals.   

Improve Your Building Energy

Efficiency With AI Shading.

AI Shading helps you save energy and meet your carbon reduction goals.

AI Shading turns window shades into autonomous energy managers, optimizing solar heat gain and indoor comfort.

During the cold season, you can save 10% in energy usage by harvesting solar heat, which reduces heating costs.

During the hot season, you can save 30% in energy usage by blocking solar heat, which reduces cooling costs.

Regulate Solar Heat Gain

Optimize Natural Sunlight

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Shades Idling

The AI shades don’t just improve energy efficiency, they also allow you to effortlessly control the amount of natural light in a space, helping you create your perfect comfort zone, providing the right atmosphere and amount of privacy for whatever you’re doing. 

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