AI Shading

AI Shading brings energy saving and comfort to buildings

Improve your building energy efficiency with AI Shading.

It saves energy, helping you meet your carbon reduction goals.

AI Shading turns window shades into autonomous energy managers, optimizing solar heat gain and indoor comfort.

During the cold season, you can save 10% in energy usage by harvesting solar heat, which reduces heating costs.

During the hot season, you can save 30% in energy usage by blocking solar heat, which reduces cooling costs.

Regulate Solar Heat Gain

Optimize Natural Sunlight

App Control and Web Portal

Wireless Install Option

The AI shades don’t just improve energy efficiency, it also allows you to effortlessly control the amount of natural light in a space, helping you create your perfect comfort zone. Providing the right atmosphere and amount of privacy for whatever you’re doing.

Download the AI Shading App!

Access to your window shades in the palm of your hands.